Genetic Counseling

There is no sure way to predict whether a person will develop cancer or not. However, genetic testing is available to help hereditary cancer specialists identify if a person is at an increased risk of developing certain types of diseases, such as breast cancer, colorectal cancers, ovarian cancer, or prostate cancer. The genetic counselors at Calaway•Young Cancer Center work with patients to determine if they have any genetic conditions or inherited gene mutations linked to developing these cancers.

When you make an appointment at Calaway•Young Cancer Center, you can expect your first appointment to involve a review of your personal and family medical history. With this information, our counselors will be able to discuss current genetic testing options and the most appropriate testing options for you. If your genetic counselor determines that genetic testing is necessary, and you provide informed consent for the recommended test, a sample is collected during a clinic visit. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled 2-4 weeks following your genetic test, where you and your genetic counselor can discuss your results.