Brad J. Nichol

Brad J. Nichol, MD

Breast Surgery

Dr. Brad Nichol is an accomplished general surgeon and a member of the multidisciplinary team at the Breast Center at Valley View. He performs breast surgeries for benign and malignant conditions for both men and women, among a wide variety of other procedures and interventions.

Dr. Nichol has practiced at Valley View for two decades. A Detroit native, he attended medical school at Wayne State University, internship at Harper Hospital, and residency at Detroit Medical Center. As a lifelong learner Dr. Nichol finds general surgery especially rewarding with its vast array of chronic and acute medical conditions that can be treated and fixed, alongside the evolution of surgical techniques and technology: from scalpel and suture to robotic-assisted procedures.

“It’s exciting that we can offer this kind of care and these cutting-edge techniques in a small hospital,” says Dr. Nichol. “And it’s a huge patient benefit to be able to offer these treatments close to home, family and friends at our new specialized breast center.”

For Dr. Nichol, cancer and its treatment is also personal. “My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I understand and identify with the patient experience,” he says. “She chose a double mastectomy and that was right for her, although everyone’s treatment path is different. I believe in supporting whatever the patient wants.”

What’s one thing most people don’t know about him? Dr. Nichol’s patients and associates say that once you get to know him, you’ll catch his characteristic dry and wry Midwest sense of humor. “I do everything except brains and bones,” he says with a smile. And when Dr. Nichol isn’t in the OR or the clinic, he’s likely spending time with his wife and two children on the hiking trail or singletrack. Dr. Nichol and his family also enjoy travel in their leisure time.